+ Friday, October 14

Delivering Quality Education for All: What Data is Teaching Us

Dr. Julie Keane, Director, Research & Evaluation
VIF International Education

Ready, Set, Negotiate: Building Global Competence through Diplomatic Simulations and Object Lesson Plans

Lisa Gregory, Foreign Service Officer and Senior Advisor
United States Diplomacy Center

Digital Tools for Global Learning & Collaboration

Fran Siracusa, Educational Technologist, Consultant
Calliope Global

Not Your Father's Primary Source: Using Graphic Novels to Engage Students' Global Competencies

Kimberly Young, Social Studies Educator, Weston High School

A Global Classroom in Action: Addressing the Needs of Recent Immigrants Through Project-Based Learning, Choice and Mastery-Based Assessments

Erin Dowding, ESL Through Humanities Teacher
The Flushing International High School

Estefania Hereira, Math Teacher
The Flushing International High School

Students as Agents for Global Change: Unpacking Service-oriented PBL projects

Stacia Snow, Director, District and School Development
New Tech Network

Lydia Dobyns, President and CEO
New Tech Network

Modelling a youth and leadership development approach for African schools

Michael Gyampo, Deputy Principal
The African Leadership Academy

Madelle Kangha
The African Leadership Academy

Bridging the World through Educational Exchange

Rachel Chasse, Assistant Director of Global Education
World Affairs Council-Washington, D.C.

Developing Global Competence in the Elementary Classroom

Emily Schell, Executive Director
California International Studies Project/San Diego State University

Gary Kroesch, Director
California International Studies Project/San Diego State University

The Rainforest Up Close: A Live Videoconference with Guatemala

Alan Steckler, President and Founder
Creative Connections

Engineer Good: Global Challenges, Local Solutions

Ann Kaiser, STEM Education Consultant / CEO
ProjectEngin, LLC

Global Collaborative Projects for Sustainable Development

Bridget Stout, Manager, Member Services and Professional Development

Jennifer Russell, Director of Education

Our Immigrant Stories: Deepening Global Connections by Including Community Voices

Maryann Woods-Murphy, Our Immigrant Stories
Nutley Public Schools

A Global School Design for 21st Century Success: A Framework for Building Capacity to Provide a Deeper Learning Experience for All Students

Kate Farmer, Associate Director, School Partnerships
Asia Society International Studies Schools Network

Six Strategies for Supporting Global Education- A Framework for State Leaders and Educators

David Ross, Chief Strategy Officer

David Young, CEO
VIF International Education

Touching Home in China: in search of missing girlhoods

Fran Sterling, Co-Founder, Principal

Melissa Ludtke, Co-Producer

Building Global Competency through Case Study

Ken Simon, Director of Programs
World Savvy

Mallory Wessel, Associate Director of Partnerships Implementation World Savvy

+ Saturday, October 15

PASE Explorers: Local Exploration to Global Learning With Younger Kids

Delia Kim, Program Director
Partnership for After School Education

Yvonne Brathwaite, Associate Executive Director
Partnership for After School Education

Blending Virtual Reality and Virtual Exchange for Global Education

Hannah Weitzer, Program Director
Global Nomads Group

Jessica Hunsdon
Global Nomads Group

Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam ( sanskrit words meaning the whole world is one family)

Rochana Ghosh
Vasant Valley School

Vijay Trivedi
Vasant Valley School

Middle School Global Change Agents

Eris Johnson-Smith, Director of Curriculum and Training
Global Kids

Sophie Khan, Associate Director of Middle School Programs
Global Kids

The Video Conference Continuum: Building Global Learning Experiences that Work

Terry Godwaldt, Director of Programming
The Centre for Global Education

Jennifer D. Klein, Global Education Consultant and Coach
Principled Learning Strategies (ISSN Consultant)

Ten Tips for Implementing a Virtual Challenge.

Rebecca Bell, Associate VP

Sarah Bever, Senior Program Officer

Become a Nat Geo Certified Educator

Alison Szopinski, Program Manager
National Geographic Society

Meghan Modafferi, Project Manager
National Geographic Society

Global Education: Going Beyond Food, Flags, and Festivals

Julie Kinnaird, Assistant Director
World View, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

Recognizing educators and supporting global engagement with micro-credentials

Chelsea Waite, Senior Program Manager
Digital Promise Global

Odelia Younge, Partnerships Manager, Educator Micro-credentials
Digital Promise Global

Taking Education Global through Virtual Exchange

Tonya Muro, Executive Director

Chris Plutte, Executive Director
Global Nomads Group

China in Transition: A Lens for Teaching About Economic Development and Urbanization

Rylan Sekiguchi, Curriculum Designer
SPICE, Stanford University

GreenFutures - Local Action for Global Stewardship

Gamal Sherif, Director

Francine Locke, Director of Environmental Services, School District of Philadelphia

Transforming School Cultures Through Global Education
PRESENTER: Helga Fasciano, Special Assistant for Global Education
North Carolina Department of Public Instruction

Gerhard Fischer, Global Education and World Languages Education Specialist
Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Learners to Leaders: Prioviding Effective Supports for K-12 Educators to Transform Global Education Beyond the Individual Classroom

PRESENTER: Jennifer Boyle, Executive Director
Primary Source

Transforming Global Competency Education through Teacher Leadership

Margaret Jones-Carey, Director, Educational Leadership Program
St. Bonaveture University

Starting with Educators: Girl Education and Empowerment

Rekha Puri, Founder, President

Emily Schorr, LINEglobal Fellow
Dwight Vidale, LINEglobal Fellow