THURSDAY, OCT 13 from 8:30 - 4:00 pm


Integrating Identity Frameworks into Global Perspective

Few would disagree that our current reality represents an unprecedented globally interconnected social, political and economic society. It follows that cultural competency, the ability to effectively communicate and collaborate with mutual respect with individuals of different backgrounds, represents a critical 21st competency to enhance global citizenship. Curiously absent from Global Education curricula, however, is the critical influence of identity in cultivating international-mindedness and intentionally designing inclusive global communities.

In this workshop, participants will sustain a full day interactive inquiry to realize the following goals:

 a)   Explore the ways in which your identity and positionality inform Global Education curriculum and pedagogical orientations
b)    Deconstruct US and Eurocentric frameworks within the Global Education framework
c)    Unpack the intersection of diversity and global citizenship
d)    Examine the ways in which language advances and/or undermines developing multiple perspectives
e)    Share Global Education challenges, strategies and resources with Global Education colleagues


Future Cities: Creating an Immersive Project Based Learning Experience

Participants will experience an immersive Project Based Learning unit from the stance of a learner to understand the transformative nature of learning by doing, and reflect on the implications of teaching practice and curriculum design when using PBL. In this project “slice,” participants will assume the role of community planners, working together in teams to explore the local and cultural context of Philadelphia, develop a digital interpretation of their findings, and craft a proposed vision for the future of the city. Using this experience, participants will create an action plan to move PBL forward in their communities.